Introduction to RECON3D™Content Collections

RECON3D™ is a new series of 3D Object Collections. It is a multi-disciplinary project which brings to life our human heritage in a 3D computer environment. Hundreds of carefully selected art pieces from our past, are re-created into 3D computer format covering all aspects of human life and civilization. Ranging from art, architecture, and daily life to social life, war and peace, this series of collections captures various aspects of humankind in the three dimensional world of computer art. History of art plays here most important role, but archeology, engineering and today’s advanced computer technology have also played very important part in realization of this project.

We have taken special care to ensure that RECON3D™ series of 3D Object Collections exactly mirrors original objects, created thousands or hundreds of years ago. All of our models have been re-created after many hours of research to ensure their historical correctness. The final result- the product which you have purchased - is a unique blend of today’s computer technology, aesthetic aspects, and historical accuracy.

3D models are created for, and can be incorporated to all kinds of 3D and 2D artistic projects. Most of Art Recon’s meshes are highly detailed and adequate for film and broadcast production, any type of animation, 3D design, graphic and web design, interior design, scenography, architecture and visualization. RECON3D™ new series of 3D Object Collections benefits also art historians, human history researchers, archeologists, museum researchers, and architecture historians in their study of the humankind and its works. Development of virtual historical environments in a computer era can be now much more efficient. The beauty of the old world or even newly designed environment based on RECON3D™ series of 3D Object Collections, can be easily created by a skilled artist.

Call for Your Input and Suggestions

RECON3D™ series of 3D Object Collections project is open for input from all designers and users of 3D technology and all kinds of art professionals and lovers. We would like to build it together with you and other artists. Please send your suggestions and expectations to Art Recon Inc. We will be glad to cooperate with you in creation of whole collection and incorporate your creative input.
In summary, we would like to hear from you on how well we are meeting your expectations. Please, challenge us, and send us your suggestions on how and where we can improve.

Introduction to RECON3D™ Content Collection Vol.2

Medieval Art

RECON3D™ Content Collection Vol.2 brings to your projects high quality 3D meshes of objects originating hundreds of years ago. The old world of the Middle Ages is captured in a large collection of art pieces re-created from historical data.

This Collection reflects the most important concepts of medieval artists, as well as those of their great followers hundreds of years later in the Gothic Revival, New Gothic or Neo-romanesque periods of art. The re-created elements capture the aesthetical and technical innovations of their time. Romanesque and Gothic Art along with more regional styles are represented in this new digital existence. Items are grouped in styles, and within each group you can find various configurations and variations of the objects.

These quality meshes were developed in a polygonal system, with named parts for easy manipulation. Industry standard geometry formats LWO, 3DS, DXF, OBJ, 3DM, CAR can be provided on our CD-ROMs. To give you freedom in the design process we have not assigned materials, so you can feel free to map them in the way required by your project. Also we were able to lower the number of polygons and include them as lower version of the same objects as a compromise between polygon count and style’s esthetical aspects. Low and high polygon count make this collection useful in many 3D and 2D projects.


Disc "A" : Romanesque Style

Disc "B" : Gothic Style

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